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It just said, "Happy Birthday, Susanna. Washington: He was gushing about this sweet-potato pie—"You have to try it, it's so good"—and he sends his assistant out. And I'm in the kitchen and he says, "How do you turn on this oven? I turned it on for him, and he's like, "Oh. Why would he? Springs: After the show—it was maybe like 10, 11—everybody was leaving, and Prince grabs me and says, "Hey, let's go bike riding. So I got on a cruiser, he got on a mountain bike, and we rode past everybody with our Afros, and everybody's like, "Oh my God!

We rode down Audubon Road, then there's a park right across the street and there's a path, so we rode down there a little bit.

A Celebration of Prince by Beautiful Strangers live clubtour compilation

Washington: First, when you go on the bike rides, you're like, "Wow! I went on a bike ride with Prince down to Lake Minnetonka!

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And you think you're special. Then I stayed there long enough that I'm like, "Oh—this is his thing. He has the movie theater where you go to watch a movie—he'll buy out the theater. He has his routine with all these young girls who come in: movies, bike ride, possibly a jam session. That sounds about right. Springs: He was actually very respectful. I mean, I never got with him like that.

Oral history: Prince's life, as told by the people who knew him best -

If I did, I would tell everybody! Tollefson: He'd always have the most beautiful women hanging around with him. And then all of a sudden I see him walking by me with his pimp cane and his glasses on, and I'm thinking, "Wow, this is cool, he's gonna dance with us. Then [Prince] started dancing with her, and then he took her up to his private office upstairs. I call that game, set, match. Prince won that. How to Cockblock Somebody Jill Jones: I'd never met anyone like him before. Not at all. And he was really shy, too, so there was this childlike thing that went with it. He totally threw me off, because he didn't do what every other guy did—like, come to your house at the right time and pick you up, meet your mom and dad.

Prince would throw rocks at your window while you were sleeping. He did things that were almost like something from a fairy tale. I was wearing purple. Afterward, we all went to a club and he kind of whispered, asked me if I would dance with him when a good song came on.

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I think it was a Robert Palmer song. Anyway, every time he did a step I would follow him, and he noted that I could keep up with him. I always said: If he ever saw me dance, he would love the way I dance. I just knew it. A month after that I was at another club, Vertigo. Prince saw me and he tapped me on the shoulder, and he says, "Hi…I would like for you to be in my band. You know, he disappears really quickly. That happened to us a lot.

The next week, he came back and asked me again, and this time I said, "Wait a minute—don't leave before I answer you. That's how he is. He was always real slick with the mystery. As soon as I landed, a purple limo was waiting outside. He wasn't there, but he called and he said, "Do you have a lot of clothes?

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I stayed at his house for a little while—I thought I was going to go to a hotel. But he was a gentleman. There was a lot of makeup in the guest room, and someone said, "We're gonna get all that stuff out for you—that's Kim Basinger's.

Jill Jones: We shared clothes a lot—he'd see something I was wearing, the next day he would be wearing it. I went to this rehearsal, and this beautiful black girl walked up to me and said, "Hi, I'm Kim.

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You're Jill, right? I was such a child then—I was, "Do you want me to take them off? I think he liked it. I think he liked all of us. Electra: I don't know one beautiful woman who didn't want to be with him. But it did hurt me. It hurt me really bad. And I was too young to really communicate with him, so I just kind of pulled away. And during that time I went out with a guy—I hadn't slept with this person—and Prince found out.

He said, "I wrote this song about you," and then he played "I Hate U. And it was even harder to hear the parts of the song that said it could have been a completely different way. Then to say, "I hate you because I love you"—I literally cried in front of him. I think he just wanted me to hear it and know that he was really upset. Glover: I had a boyfriend at the time.

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That was one thing [Prince] respected. They actually played basketball together. He was, "It's nice to meet you, man—I heard a lot about you. Everybody's heard a lot about Prince! Jill Jones: With him it was kind of like Groundhog Day. A repetition. He'd drive to his dad, he'd see his mom—those were the same introductory things and they never changed, no matter what woman came in. They all took the 6 A. And the late-night things—I don't think I was the only one to say that Prince threw rocks or came and picked them up in the middle of the night. You'd go to a record store, you'd watch some movies, you'd make some popcorn.

He was very frustrated. I don't remember verbatim what the conversation was, other than "I can't deal with that shit anymore. I don't think he turned up with his stuff—at the time we were basically the same height, so he just wore a lot of my clothes. He's fairly neat, I'm completely a mess.

Cymone: His sense of humor was really thought out. He wasn't somebody who did a lot of stuff just off-the-cuff. When we became friends, he would tell me about the kids in the neighborhood. He'd say, "This kid Jerry, he's going to try to do this…. If he ever comes up to you and says anything, his mom's name is this…. He had them written down. He had all this stuff. And I finally just said, "Well, why can't I just punch him in the nose? Gene Andersen: teacher and basketball coach, Bryant Junior High : I guess I knew him when he was 12, 13, 14 years old, okay?

Just kind of coming into his own. Really nice kid.